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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 27, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> i heard about a dozen gunshots. it was loud. >> two cars, one with bullet holes were removed from the crime scene today. we were overhead as the manhunt unfolded on tuesday. an hour later he was spotted blocks away and killed after a brief shootout. >> i feel for the families. i know she has young kids. i cannot even...sorry, i cannot talk about it. >> jessica is one of many overcome with gravy and confusion about the tragedy. many worry their quiet beach town has changed forever. >> it is crazy. i grew up in new york city and i didn't see this kind of violence >> people are bringing flowers, cardinals, cards with prayers and thoughts for the families of the officers with a news conference in 25 minutes. we bring it to you live when it
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happens. >> cornell, thank you. the police department of santa cruz has never lost an officer in the line of duty and now two veteran officers are dead at hand of a man with a violent history. abc7 news continues our team coverage with katie marzullo. >> the officers long and distinguished years with the santa cruz police department, the shooter, 35-year-old goulet had a long history with police dating back a decade. his father admits his son had problems. he had a criminal history that dates back to 2000. media reports say goulet was a military police officer and marine veteran was convicted peeping in california. in 2008 he was convicted of invasion of privacy and illegally having a gun after caught videotaping a woman in the shower. the woman's boyfriend tells an oregon newspaper he confronted goulet multiple times outside of his girlfriend's condo and one time he had a gun and shot at
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him. he was given probation and sex offender treatment but ended up in jail after getting into more trouble. the santa cruz sentinel said he was caught looking in windows again during a meeting with the probation officer. he grew up in california and lived in alabama, colorado, and oregon before the return to california. according to his facebook page, goulet moved to santa cruz in november. he got a job at a coffee shop in the harbor and got in more trouble. it is reported that police arrested goulet on friday and the coffee shop fired him on saturday after he broke into a co-workers home and made sexual advances. police were following up on that incident tuesday afternoon when goulet opened fire killing two veteran officers. >> it hurts. it hurts. i didn't know them personally but i love santa cruz police department. >> butch baker was with the
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department 28 years and leave as wife, two daughters and a son would works for the santa cruz police department. the detective elizabeth butler was a 10-year veteran of the force and leaves behind her partner, peter, and two young sons. >> the dark of the day in the history of santa cruz police department. the police department posted this on facebook page, we appreciate all your love and support during this difficult time and we are one family and one community. thank you for standing with us. more than 150 people have posted condolences. if you wrote like to share a message you can do so on our facebook page. >> had have been three other murders so far this year in santa cruz county. on january 18, an 18-year-old man was shot to death in watsonville. no arrests have been made. on february 9, three were arrested for shooting outside a bar in santa cruz. on february 15, an 18-year-old man was shot several times at a girl's soccer game at
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watsonville high school. the search continues for a suspect. we will have continuing coverage of the santa cruz police shootings. police are planning the news conference at 11:30 and we will bring that to you live. we will update you immediately on any developments both during this newscast and on twitter@abc7news bay area. >> we are live over the seen of breaking news in san francisco where there is a gas leak at the federal building in golden gate avenue. we don't have any reports of evacuations at this time but crews have shot down a block of one street. no word on a cause. we will continue to follow the situation for you and bring you updates as soon as they become available. also, if san francisco, work crews and local residents are cleaning up a big wet muddy mess in homes, cars and streets and the city's west portal neighborhood after an old water main break.
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the flood, on 15th avenue damaged two dozen homes and 12 cars. amy hollyfield has more from the scene. >> it is very busy here. there are several huge trucks and backhoes and the cleanup efforts going on at the end of the lock but the center of the activity is right here where this sinkhole is. this is where the pipes broke. this is where the work will be done. they have no idea how long it will take them to fix it. >> it wasn't just water that burst from underground around 3:00 this morning in san francisco. it created swirls of mud and the tens of throughs of gallons of water didn't just stay in the street it invaded homes. at one house, the son woke up with the news. >> the water was high and already passed his ankles when he woke up. and it got worse. >> then the toilet seat shows how much water came in.
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>> i cannot believe it. just shocked. shocked. my car is ruined, it is brand new. totally ruined. >> officials determined that a 61-year-old, 16" water main break. they estimate that 23 homes and a dozen cars were damaged. our house is under 2' or 3' of water. we just moved in two weeks ago so all of our boxes were on the ground. it is unbelieveable. >> there was a sinkhole in front of this drive blocking the family from going anywhere. the homeowners if work done a few months ago is to blame. >> they worked on this street with the sewers for several weeks in the fall and here we are in february and this happens stands to reason.
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>> officials say they will look into that possibility. >> we know there was a replacement at the pipe and low pressurefully we can determine whether that could have impacted the water line that was on the street but it is too early to tell that right now. >> it could just be that the pipe was old and it broke and just too soon to tell. officials yellow tagged six homes this morning, meaning that something caught their eye, a crack in the home, or a pool water in the front yard. but people can still live if their homes. there is a lost activity here and it is safe to say they will be here for a while. live in san francisco for abc7 news. vallejo police stepped in after protesters took over a city council meeting last night. the vallejo times herald reports that 50 protesters arrived inside the city council sell a half hour after the 6:00 p.m. meeting started taking over the sound system, after council
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members retreated to a back room. the demonstrators were there to protest ten officer involved shootings in the city. police were able to get the protesters to take their demonstration outside. >> we have developing news, alex smith days with the 49ers 49erse over with media outlets reporting that he has been traded to the kansas city chiefs for draft pick. the deal is not official until march 12 when the new business year begins. he lost the starting quaterback job to kaepernick after suffering a concussion in november. the trade ends his career with the 49ers who experienced ups and downs in the year since he was the number one overall draft pick in 2005. still ahead, emotional moments on capitol hill, the families of the connecticut school shooting victims testify before congress on gun control. >> a big honor for a civil
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rights icon. the first trip houston its kind in the nation's capitol.
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>> right now in washington, dc, the father of a six-year old boy killed in sandy hook elementary school shooting is urging lawmakers to take action to prevent another massacre. this morning, he held a framed picture of his son during a senate judiciary committee hearing on gun violence.
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it is the first hearing on a bill to ban assault weapons, responsorred by senate feinstein. during testimony, he broke down when he talked about his son. >> he was the only family i had left. it is hard to be here today and talk about my deceased son. >> senator grassley of iowa is the ranking republican on the judiciary committee and he is questioning the been's constitutionality saying it would take weapons away from law-abiding people who use them for self-defense. >> california attorney general is in washington, today, along with san francisco police chief, and oakland chief jordan, lobbying congress and the justice department for more money to hire state and local law enforcement officers before the spending cuts take effect unless congress and the white house reach a compromise.
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this afternoon, harris joins mike thompson to launch new legislation aimed at confiscating weapons from people prohibiting from having them. >> president obama says that civil rights icon rosa parks has taken her rightful place among those who have shaped the course of american history. the president and congressional leaders unveiled a statue at the capitol this morning, which portrays parks wearing a hat and clutching a purse. she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. she was given a statue in stat statuary hall. >> when we come back i will tell you who is living through history right now, many cities, this is the dryest going to a year we have ever had.
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i will let you know about that and when the rain is coming back. >> plus, pope benedict's final farewell, what he tell the faithful during the last public appearance before stepping
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>> walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> not first time since the middle ages, a pope is choosing to say good by, pope benedict xvi bid final public farewell to the followers this morning after the vatican. tens of thousands packed st. support's square as he took the final ride in the popemobile receiving a long-standing ovation and drove through the square in his popemobile. when he steps down tomorrow he will leave for a retreat outside of rome and will remove himself from the public eye dedicating himself to prayer and meditation. >> it is time now for a look at weather. a little hazy. looking for rain. >>the good news although it is
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hazy, it doesn't look like we will have a "spare the air" with the warm surge. so enjoy it outside. sonoma and napa and sfo oakland, concord, santa cruz, and watsonville, the dryest, ever, going to a new year the 5th dryest in san francisco and second in redwood city so we need the rain. you can see nothing but dust in the bucket right now. we will look from our roof camera, beautiful, beautiful look at the embarcardero and the ferry building. temperature right now in san francisco and san jose is 57, 55 in petaluma and santa cruz and oakland is behind it at 54. this is how it looks from the east bay, toward the south and east, southeast santa rosa at 58. gilroy is the warm spot at 61. temperatures lag behind yesterday so we will not be so
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warm because of the fact we have more cloud cover this afternoon. it will be cloudy and that will keep us mild tonight and we will not have many areas with frost and it has been hard to get frost although it has been 32 degrees because the ground in the air and so dry. our warmest day is thursday, friday, and saturday, so one day this week it will be above average and here is our 24 temperature change, san jose is the exception, one degree warmer and fremont, one degree cooler and san francisco, two, and concord and oakland and santa rosa, three or four degrees cooler and south bay and santa clara valley around 66 to 68 with santa clara right there at 68 and up the peninsula, a lot of 65's and not much of a change until millbrae which is 59. 60 at half moon bay, the warm spot, and headed toward downtown and south san francisco, a run at 60 today and mid-to-upper 60's in north bay valley and at the beaches, it will be breezy and temperatures in the upper
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50's and 63 to 65 is the spread long the east bay shore and headed into the east bay valley 63, and the cool spot is pleasanton and livermore and 68 in the warmer area. tonight, the warmer temperatures, upper 30's to low 40's and low 40's to upper 40's from the south bay, through the way, and into san francisco. so, here is what we are looking at as far as the next system, you can see right there, that is warm air and that is creating rain to the north, notice how it doesn't come down to us. it will make us partly cloudy and look at the surge of warmth tomorrow and inland, it will be 70 or a few hours around the bay near 70 and as friday goes we will be in the low-to-mid 70's away from the coast and 64 there and hold on to the 70's in many areas even with increasing clouds, a storm that will pass it to the north and could bring sprinkles to the north and scattered snow showers to the sierra, one model said that and
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i will hold on to that until the other molds come aboard and know on thursday that is the best chance of wide-spread rain. >> we will hold on to that, as well. >> listen to this, jimmy kimmel is firing back at a pop star's decision to cancel an appearance on jimmy kimmel live after objecting to appearing alongside of reality show "duck dynasty." i do respect his stand, there is a reason i didn't dump the dynasty guys because they have guns. >> he hairs weeknights here at 11:35 at the new time following abc7 news at 11 with dan ashley and then "nightline." >> shifting gears we have much more news including an update on the tragic shooting in santa
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cruz and waiting for a news conference on the killings of two santa cruz police
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>> there is a schedulessed news conference on the san francisco police officer shootings with a memorial in honor of the detective sergeant butch baker and elizabeth butler is growing, the first officers in the history of the santa cruz police department to die in the line of duty shot to death yesterday by jeremy goulet when they went to question him about a sex crime. his father says his son was a ticking time bomb who had
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contempt for police and the justice system. >> and santa cruz police will hold the news conference in just a few minutes and we will be bringing it to you live when it begins. the 11:30 "who wants to be a millionaire," who will be seen at 2:00 and "katie" aired at schedule and latest developments in the santa cruz shootings and the rest of the news on abc7 at 4:00. coming up, the news conference live when it
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> welcome back to a special abc7 news. we are waiting for live coverage of the police department news conference on the killings of two police officers, a live look at podium where they are getting set up for this. >> the state attorney general has given her condolences to the family and friends of the two fallen officers on behalf of the california department of justice, i extend my deepest
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sympathies to the families of the sergeant baker and detective butter who died in brave service to the people of california will never be forgotten. my thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones. >> abc7 news is live at police department where the news conference is scheduled to begin at any moment. cornell joins us, live. cornell? >> this is a tough day here in santa cruz. there are a lot people from the community large media presence. we are waiting the news conference here at police headquarters to begin. we are learning more information, hopefully, about the two officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. as you can see a memorial to the fallen officers continues to grow here as the small community mourns their loss. this morning, neighbors were allowed back in their homes near th


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